Relationship, Couples, Poly and Kink Aware Counselling.

I am passionate about relationship therapy or “couples” therapy. I use a specific approach named Gottman Therapy which has over 40 years of evidence backed interventions. Gottman Therapy provides a in depth initial phase of 3 sessions where we will really get to the crux of the strength areas as well as the areas we need to strengthen. After the initial assessment phase the intervention phase will provide practical tools to specifically fortify the areas that may of been neglected.

I work with traditional and non traditional couplings facing a range of issues such as loss of intimacy, managing conflict, value clashes, managing open relationship or poly dynamics as well as infidelity and come with a curious, warm and accepting approach.

My goal is to give you hope and skills to enrich your relationship or find the best way to consciously uncouple if that is what the parties decide.

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