Counselling and Psychotherapy

Our clinicians work from a integrated approach to psychotherapy and counselling, individually tailoring the best evidence based therapies that match your unique needs. We listen to your story where we offer a informal and safe environment in which you can explore the issues that are most important to you.

It is important that the counselling has large input and control by the client. Clinicians will go at the pace that is directed by you and focuses on the goals you think are most important to achieve

Counselling and Psychotherapy for:
Post traumatic stress disorder
Relationship issues
Grief and Loss
Life transitions and adjustments
Goals setting
Career change
Anger management
Unlocking potential
Emotional and personal development

Most people come to counselling because they do not feel free to live their lives as they choose. Counselling can be a very effective means to look at the barriers you might experience in living the life that you want, making your own choices and determining your own life direction. We believe that counselling can assist in this process simply by providing a safe and supportive space for you to find the answers to your questions – and in that process having the space to get know yourself.

We draw on a range of techniques dependent on your individual needs such as Cognitive Behavioural, Narrative, Neuro-Psychotherapy, ACT and other talk based therapies. 

As professional clinicians, we are committed to providing the highest quality counselling services. We are also committed to ongoing professional development and are involved in a range of activities to ensure that practice is current and relevant to clients’ needs and community issues.


All professional services are treated with the strictest confidence and the details of my policy on confidentiality can be found in the Client Consent Form. As a professional Accredited Mental Health therapist  I adhere to the Policies and Code of Ethics of the AASW. The AASW Code of Ethics can be viewed at A policy on confidentiality and privacy of information is included in the Client Consent Form and is provided to all clients prior to the first session. All clients are required to sign this which outlines the confidentiality policy.