Organisational Consultancy

We offer a range of consultancy services primarily to the non-government sector. These services include:

  • Facilitation of staff teams
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Independent staff performance reviews
  • Preparing funding submissions
  • Policy Development
  • Strategic/Organisational Planning

We also run a number of workshops designed for NGOs including:

  • Positive communication in teams
  • Practice frameworks development
  • Reflective practice for change
  • Self care for welfare workers
  • Young people and Drug and Alcohol
  • Developmental arts program design
  • Interpersonal neuroscience

Consultancy services are provided to both small and large groups and include the provision of resources and organisational tools. All consultancy services are tailored to each specific organisation. All aspects of the consultancy are discussed with the organisation’s representative and there are opportunities for negotiation and flexibility throughout the process.

Should you be interested in discussing the possibility of some consultancy work with your organisation please contact me on 0419333931 or by email at

  • Full and detailed quotes are provided on request.